Facility Hire

Woolbrae Equestrian offers the following facilities for casual hire:

Dressage Arena (prices include GST)

A 20 x 60m outdoor sand arena, post & rail fenced

  • Shared use
    • $15 per horse/per hour (or part thereof) shared
  • Private use eg. for hosting a clinic
    • $44 per hour (or part thereof)
    • $165 per morning or afternoon (up to 4 hours)
    • $330 per day

*Limit 4 riders in arena at any time

Show Jumping Arena

A 50 x 60m outdoor sand arena, post & rail fenced, featuring new jumps with brightly coloured poles and dazzle boards

  • $25 per horse (up to one hour)
  • $220 per morning or afternoon (up to 4 hours)
  • $440 per day

*Limit 3 riders in arena at any time, bookings take preference

Round Yard

An 18m outdoor sand round yard, post & rail fenced

  • $15 per horse

Cross Country Course

Featuring beginner to pre-novice jumps, many constructed by renowned cross country course builder Mick Pineo

  • $20 per horse

Wash Bays

Cold water, cross ties – No charge

Hot water, under cover, cross ties – $5 per horse

Please note – the stable complex is a private facility and not generally available for hire.

All facility hire is subject to availability.

Users of the facilities at Woolbrae:

  • Do so at their own risk
  • Are required to sign a Woolbrae Riding Waiver before they ride
  • Are asked to respect the Arena Rules displayed below and at the entrance to the arenas
  • Are asked NOT to use the stables and hot water wash bay, as these are private facilities. The hot-water wash may be hired for $5 per horse by arrangement. A cold-water wash is provided free of charge, please ask for directions.
  • Are required to pay for any damage caused to Woolbrae property or equipment

Arena Rules

The dressage and showjumping arenas, round yard and other equestrian facilities are for the use of Woolbrae Equestrian clients and competitors only.

Dressage and Show Jumping Arena Rules

Rules that apply to both arenas:

  • Maximum of four riders in the arena at any time
  • Pick up all manure immediately and place in barrow
  • Show courtesy to other riders
    • Pass each other to the left
    • Slow on the inside, fast on the outside
    • Faster pace has right of way over slower
    • Keep a horse length away from other horses
  • No lungeing – please use the round yard
  • No jumping in dressage arena
  • Trot poles and cavalettis can be set up on the grass area to the left of the homestead driveway using the old show jump wings and poles
  • If you use ground poles on the SJ arena please put them back with the wings when you finish
  • Help with regular harrowing and watering of the arena is always appreciated!

Show Jumping Arena Rules

The following also apply to the show jumping arena:

  • Dazzle boards should be placed on upturned cups, ie. flat side up
  • The white uprights are for use in oxers/spreads only and must be used with breakaway cups
  • For oxers/spreads
    • Use wings at front and white uprights at rear
    • Breakaway cups must be used on all uprights and all rear wings
    • No more than one rail on the rear wings
  • Keep breakaway cup-and-bracket sets together, do not mix them with normal cups (the newer breakaway cups are red)
  • Leave the jumps in the position you find them
  • Leave all poles and dazzles OFF the ground as much as possible, to help them last longer