The riding and handling of horses is an inherently dangerous activity. Horses can act in a sudden and unpredictable way, especially when frightened or hurt, and there are numerous risks, including serious injury or death, always present in such activity despite all safety precautions. Woolbrae Equestrian does not guarantee your safety or that of your horse. Riders ride and handle horses at Woolbrae at their own risk.

While Woolbrae Equestrian takes all reasonable and proper care of the property, it is the riders’ responsibility to inspect facilities and be satisfied that the conditions are reasonably safe for the rider’s intended activity at Woolbrae.

Woolbrae Equestrian shall not be liable for any sickness, disease, injury or death suffered by the horse or rider or any other damage or cause of action arising from or connected to the riding or handling of horses at Woolbrae. Should medical treatment be required for either horse or rider, the rider shall accept responsibility for all such incurred expenses.

Any rider causing injury to another person or damage to their property while at Woolbrae shall indemnify Woolbrae Equestrian for any resulting costs or other damage.